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Starting Yoga at 60…


After attending drop in yoga classes offered at my community centre and gym, I had
a strong desire to learn more.

I gifted myself a 4 week Yoga Basics Workshop at Breathe Yoga Studio for my 60th Birthday.

This  turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made.

I was working in a busy paediatric clinic at the time and my exercise was running and swimming. Yoga provided a different way
for me to mobilize joints, strengthen muscle and stretch out tight hamstrings.


Yoga Gifted Me with Such a Sense of Well Being I Wasn’t Expecting.


However it was the alignment of the breath with movement that created such a strong sense of well being for me.  That sense of well being lingered long after class and kept me returning to the mat.

The sense of lightness, calmness and shared community helped me navigate the challenges of my daily life.

With a regular yoga practice I have noticed that areas in my body have become more open. Also muscle aches,
stiffness and discomfort that normally with aging, or repetitive use, are actually decreased.


That I decided to enrol in Yoga Teacher Training and become a Yoga Teacher.


I never expected to enroll in the Teacher Training Program at Breathe Yoga Studio 8 years after
my Yoga Basics Workshop, but I’m very grateful to my teachers for having encouraged
me to do so. Apart from deepening my own practice, it made me realize the benefit
of yoga for myself, was just coming to the mat and trying, and not to perform the
perfect pose.

Age is no barrier to begin your own yoga journey!

I continue to be inspired and supported by my yoga teachers and fellow yogis.

September 2nd, 2021

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AnnMarie Wolf, Breathe YTT Alumni doing a yoga pose

AnnMarie Wolf on Transitioning
from Dabbling Yoga Student to Certified Yoga Teacher. 


After retiring and moving to Toronto, AnnMarie Wolf went from what she calls a “once a week yoga habit” to immersing herself fully into her yoga practice, and becoming a certified yoga teacher.

In the midst of entering a new phase in life, which at the time she felt was “not an exciting one”, AnnMarie decided to “do something for herself.” She chose yoga.


What brought you to Breathe?

“Toronto is home to many yoga studios and I thought, ‘I am going to find one that really clicks with me’. And then I found Breathe. I really loved the atmosphere – the warmth, the peace.”

“I loved the teachers, the practice, and decided I wanted to pursue yoga even more.”


Why become a yoga teacher?

“I became passionate about bringing yoga to my age group, because they need it.”

As a retired high school physical education teacher, AnnMarie knew she can teach. She did, however, have reservations about being physically able to complete her training.

Why Breathe YTT?

“Svitlana was the only studio owner that found the time to meet with me personally. And she gave me complete faith in my abilities. Until then I questioned whether I would be a candidate a studio would accept for their program. I was thrilled Breathe embraced me, my age group and my vision.”


Since completing the YTT Program

AnnMarie embraced what she initially perceived as her limitations. The program has given her “the ability to understand herself and her body better.”

“Physically I was amazed at the changes that can happen to the body at this age. And the changes that continue to happen. I continue to grow and change and find deeper ranges of motion.”

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“When you study yoga, your own practice will grow. You will develop a new sense of empathy for yourself and for others.”


AnnMarie’s advice to anyone considering becoming a certified Yoga Teacher

“Just do it. What they said on the first day of the program is true – it will change your life, whether you become a teacher or not.”


To learn more about the Breathe Yoga Teacher Training, click here.

Written by: Magda Mroz
Photos by: Waverly Wyld


June 7th, 2018

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