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The Physical Benefits of Yoga – Part I

Neck Strain

by Ed Van Hooydonk, Director of Corporate + Parterships


Do you have neck strain from sitting at your desk all day, and perhaps from looking at multiple monitors?


I’ve been using multiple monitors at work for many years. And with my email being on the left monitor, I developed a kink in my neck from looking that way repetitively.


It exhibited as strain starting from my neck down into my left shoulder.


As part of my regular yoga practice, I do gentle twists of my head to the left and right on a level plane.


Over time, that gentle movement, when done mindfully, has alleviated the stress in my neck.


Result: Reduced neck strain and the kink is slowly going away. And, I feel better alignment in my neck when I turn left and right.


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May 31st, 2022

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