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Corporate Yoga and Wellness …. A Personal Journey

I started practicing yoga in the fall of 2019 at the age of 56 and today find myself as the Director of Corporate Yoga and Wellness Programs at one of Canada’s leading yoga and wellness Centres. Going back,  as a 25-year Tech Sales Exec, I spent a lot of time at a desk hunched over my laptop. This led to a generally stiff and tight body and anxious mind. And, my partner, Sarah, remarked more than once that my gait had changed over the years, not for the better.

My first yoga experience, with Sarah, was at Breathe Yoga where we attended beginner classes with excellent instructors. They were welcoming and understanding, and encouraged newcomers like us to settle into a weekly cadence of practice. It quickly became a way for Sarah and I to spend time together and do something for ourselves.

When the lock-down hit in March 2020, I went 100% virtual and found I still benefited from online sessions. That wonderful sense of community fostered in the studio continued to be felt in the virtual classes.

A desire to deepen my practice arose, and in the winter of 2021, I completed my yoga Teacher Training program through the studio. I now teach a group of friends and family on a semi-irregular basis; another fun way to learn and enhance my own yoga.

Today, my body, mind & heart feel more open and free than any time I can remember. There’s a sense of ease and peace that I now carry through my day. And, I’m walking like I did as a younger man!

While working through the Teacher Training program, an idea to develop Corporate Yoga and Wellness Programs into  into the corporate world – my world – took shape. 

As such, I’m pleased to say that I’ve joined one of the leading studios and yoga schools in Canada, Breathe Yoga + Wellness  as Director, Corporate + Partnerships.  We are keen to help organizations and the people in them overcome feelings of burnout, mental and physical stress that so many feel today.



October 25th, 2021

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