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Yoga and … p.a.t.i.e.n.c.e.

by Ed Van Hooydonk, Director of Corporate + Partnerships



Last week, while on my yoga mat, I was reminded of the value of patience.


Of slowing down, and enjoying the journey of not only my yoga practice, but of life. We are running a marathon here, not a sprint.


We have fooled ourselves into thinking that it all has to be done fast!


I have spent so much of this “one wild and precious life” (thank you, Mary Oliver) trying to get things done, to get to the end. And, not often enough enjoying the process; the journey of the present moment.


That morning last week was the same: My attempt to just get done my yoga practice, so that I could check it off my list, and get onto the next task for the day.


Luckily, the mindfulness that comes with, and from, yoga gave me that oh so gentle nudge to just breathe. To slow down. To enjoy the process of moving, and focusing on the present moment.


And, guess what? Everything became easier during that practice and beyond into my day. The frenetic nature of life in our too busy world fell away.


Where could you slow down and just take a few deep breaths, or a short walk, today?


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June 6th, 2022

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