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Ashtanga Yoga is a vigorous, traditional style of yoga developed in Mysore, India.  It is a set sequence of postures designed to purify both body (through producing inner heat with powerful breathing) and mind (through focusing on a visual point).

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Ashtanga Primary 2
Half Primary 1
Ashtanga Intro

Students are guided through the set sequence of postures by the teacher who counts each breath in traditional Sanskrit.  It is recommended that Beginners start in Ashtanga Intro or Half Primary Series.

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Named after the city in India where Ashtanga yoga was developed and is a class in which the set Ashtanga sequence of yoga postures is practiced.  Students are individually taught the sequence posture-by-posture, and then continue to practice on their own with guidance from the teacher and her assistants.

Beginners are very welcome as individual instruction and guidance is given. If you have yoga experience but have never practiced traditional Ashtanga yoga, please come to a few Beginner classes.

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Register for the Mysore Beginner Series consisting of 5 classes (even if you have yoga experience – you are learning a new sequence and practice style) at the designated time. For safety purposes,  to learn the basics of Mysore and to receive one on one attention from the instructor, it is mandatory for students new to the Mysore practice to register for the 5 classes.  Thereafter you may register for drop-in classes

– Arrive at least 10 mins before scheduled start time to get ready. Class starts on time. Bring only a yoga mat , a towel (expect to sweat!) and your yoga pass into class.

– The teacher will guide you through the first few poses of the Series and then you will practice on your own. Over time, with regular practice you will be given additional poses by the teacher.

– Expect lots of hands on adjustments by the teacher and assistants

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– To derive the benefits of Mysore, it is necessary to practice regularly and faithfully. COMMIT to coming at least 3 times per week to gain full benefits.

– Come to either a Half Led or Led Ashtanga class once a week where you will further commit the sequence to memory & learn the breathing technique

– With time, patience and commitment, expect to develop not only greater strength and flexibility in your body , but a disciplined practice and a significant sense of gratification that will extend to all areas of your life. To experience this physical, mental and emotional well being, a commitment to a regular practice is mandatory.

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