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Ashtanga’s Gratitude Awakening


4:45 a.m.
Getting up at this hour sounds daunting. For Breathe owner Svitlana, the early morning wakeup call was her biggest deterrent to trying Mysore Yoga.

What is Mysore? Learn more here.

“I had heard so many positive things about Mysore but was convinced that I wasn’t an early morning practice person. My body was achy that early and the thought of practising at 5:30 a.m. was crazy to me. But one day I decided to challenge myself and grabbed one of our senior teachers Christine (Felstead) and asked if she would join me in a Mysore challenge for a month.”
Christine agreed.


That was roughly 8 years ago.Now Svitlana continues to practice and teach Mysore daily.

“My personal yoga practice has been absolutely transformed since beginning a Mysore Yoga practice. I think it’s because of the discipline of practicing every day, it opens up your body in a way that practicing intermittently just doesn’t give you. The mind becomes disciplined and focused and after a period of time, the practice has become very meditative for me. As opposed to being in a room where I was listening to a teacher, I was listening to my own breath.”

Although Svitlana still loves other forms of Yoga, she says the Ashtanga system works for her. And the days of dreading the alarm are long gone.

“One of the things that kept me in the Ashtanga system was the change that it had on my sense of well being every day. I couldn’t wait until practice the following morning and to get out of bed at 4:45a.m. and practice because of the absolute elation that followed throughout the day for me.”


What inspires you to practice Ashtanga yoga? Have you found gratitude on the mat?

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