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Kids Yoga with Lynn Kerrigan: A Breathe Teacher Graduate Shares Her Journey


Photo by Waverly Wyld

When was the last time you played?
No seriously, when was the last time you let your guard down, grabbed a friend by the hand and laughed until your belly hurt?

For Lynn Kerrigan, it was when she was immersed in kids yoga teacher training.

At first she was nervous and shy, but slowly Lynn began to relax and be present.

“It brought me back to having fun.”

Lynn now teaches kids yoga at Breathe.

“It’s this connection to be able to share with the children. They get it. They experience love, joy and it’s empowering for them as well. I teach them about their breath, their body, moving and how that all feels.”

She explains she’s the lucky one: getting a front row seat to transformations in each class.

Photo by Waverly Wyld

“I see confidence, connection to themselves and connection to others,” said Lynn. “Being able to deliver yoga to other little human beings is just the most rewarding thing because they get it. They have no inhibitions. They do it and they love it. It’s so natural.”

Photo by Waverly Wyld

Lynn’s next goal is to become a certified mindfulness educator.

“It was a lightbulb moment especially having three children. Everyone is addicted to their devices and at some point, we need to counterbalance it.”

“The ultimate goal is that mindfulness and yoga will be part of children’s lives just like brushing their teeth. We are turned on all the time and we need to learn how to turn off and balance.”

Lynn Kerrigan is a graduate of Breathe Yoga Teacher Training 300 Hrs (2017) and is a mother to 3 active girls.

Breathe will be hosting Family Day Yoga on February 19th. Click here for more info.

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