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” Cultivating inner stability begins with a strong body.  As we move and fortify ourselves, we build muscle, stabilise our joints and properly align muscles.  This gives us the confidence to slow down and focus on our breath.  Our minds quieten in response, and stress lessens”  

Ahmed Soliman, Yoga Teacher

A 30 Day Yoga Challenge Will Transform Your Body + Your Mind + Your Mood

Covid has been a challenge for many. But ask any student of yoga who practices daily, and they will tell you that their ability to cope and enjoy each day has been enhanced because of their yoga practice.  Physical movement and challenge, as well as quietude on the mat in reflection does absolute wonders for the spirit.

If you are reading this, don’t even hesitate. Sign Up now with our promise that you WILL feel good throughout the month.  And you will join an amazing community of committed teachers who will guide you and others to optimal physical and mental health through a yoga practice every day.


When you sign up for the Challenge, you will automatically be entered into a draw and be eligible for an amazing array of prizes including:

  • Gift basket from Burt’s Bees
  • 1 Hour Yoga Virtual Yoga Therapy Session with Certified Yoga Therapist Shehla Khan
  • 1 Hour Massage by Emma Followes, Breathe Yoga Instructor and RMT
  • 1 Hour Virtual Private Pilates Session with Shara Brown
  • 30 Day Virtual Streaming Yoga Pass at Breathe Yoga


STARTING DATE: Challenge officially starts Monday Jan 4 (end Feb 3) but you can start anytime up to Jan 15 (end up to Feb 14)

LOGGING CLASSES: Upon signing up you will be sent a logging sheet which you will fill out and send to us upon completion

HOW DO I SIGN UP FOR DAILY CLASSES:  Sign up the regular way on the schedule or through the MindBody App

WHAT HAPPENS IF I CAN’T MAKE CLASS AT THE DESIGNATED TIME: Sign up for a class and we will sen d you a recording which is eligible for the challenge.  As long as you practice, it counts!

WHAT HAPPENS IF I MISS A DAY?:  To be eligible for the prize, you must get on your mat for at least 30 mins

WHAT HAPPENS AT THE END: Send us your completed log sheet and you will automatically be entered into the draw

WHAT IF I AM AN ANNUAL OR MONTHLY MEMBER? : Just email us and let us know you’d like to join the challenge — no extra fees for members!



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