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A 3 Part Workshop –
Do One or Do Them All


Join Suz for this 3 part Workshop Series that will go deep into Yin Yoga.

Yin Yoga: An Introduction

What you will learn in this workshop:

  • What is yin yoga and why would it be a useful addition to my practice
  • How are props used and how is that different than restorative yoga
  • Why are poses held for a longer time (3-7min)
  • How can a practice with long-held poses be possible for me if my mind is too busy or I’ve been too stressed for too long to be able to be in one pose for a long time
  • If the practice intends to explore a deep therapeutic stretch – what makes yin safe and suitable for all-levels and ages

For those interested in exploring yin yoga, this intro workshop is comprised of:

  • A brief lecture to understand the purpose and style of yin yoga
  • A mini yin class with detailed instruction of two common yin pose
  • A question & answer period at the end of the workshop
Recordings are available for 72 hours after the workshop for review – or if you are unable to attend.

Yin Yoga: At The Wall

Join Suz for a 90min exploration of how to use a wall as your primary prop in the therapeutic stretch of yin yoga. Bring your yin props.. whether that’s yoga standard props or make-do-with-what-you’ve-got pillows, throws:

  • Yoga mat
  • Blanket
  • Bolster
  • 2 Blocks (or small pillows)
Experience a new richness of stretch, new poses, and new sensations with typical yin poses re-invented for the wall. Some experience with yin yoga suggested.  To measure where to place your mat and props, you need free wall space as:
1) width: arm span: stand back to wall, arms wide shoulder height at wall
2) height: lie on your back, legs up the wall
3) depth: lie on your back, soles of feet at wall

Yin Yoga: Advancing Your Practice

Are you a practitioner of yin yoga, familiar with the typical poses yet find yourself craving a more advanced practice? In this 90m workshop Suz will guide you into new poses more lush with intensity of stretch. Learn micro mindful techniques to embed attention more deeply into the here & now. Experience the rich spectrum of your individual therapeutic edge of intensity.
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Register for All 3 and SAVE! $69 + hst
Yin Yoga: An Introduction
$25 + HST
Yin Yoga: At The Wall $25 + HST
Yin Yoga: Advancing Your Practice
$25 + HST

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