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Boost Your Immunity Naturally

The changing seasons bring an onslaught of environmental threats.


Fall and Winter are when we are at the height of cold and flu season.

In this workshop we’ll cover the essential oils known for strengthening and maintaining the immune and respiratory systems,  particularly when environmental threats are high. Learn how to soothe a sore throat, relieve chest congestion, headaches, bring down a fever and how to make a flu bomb.


Each participant will take home a 5ml head tension roller, 5ml immunity boost roller and a 5ml flu bomb roller.


“I’ll admit I was very sceptical about the power of natural oils to heal the body, even after hearing stories firsthand of Denise successfully recommending oils to alleviate and reduce headaches, cold symptoms, ear aches .  But when I had a biting migraine and complained to Denise, she had me try a few oils.  IMMEDIATELY, I felt a sense of relief.  As one who suffers from migraines regularly, this was miraculous to me” Svitlana, Owner Breathe Yoga


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