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Yoga for Active Aging


Yoga is a highly useful practice to integrate into our daily lives as we age.  Yoga will help build and maintain strength, flexibility and balance.  All of these physical elements are necessary to maintain agility and mobility as we age.

Breathe’s  new Yoga for Active Aging class is thoughtfully tailored for individuals aged 50 and above.  With regular practice you’ll be absolutely amazed at what your body will be able to do.


The instructor had lots of tips for modifications and did an excellent warmup. She hit all the good points and provided a stellar learning experience”.    – Beverley

Yoga for Active Aging

Stay Strong, Vibrant and Healthy As You Age.

Embrace life’s second chapter with newfound strength, flexibility, and a joyful spirit. Our Yoga for Active Aging program is thoughtfully designed to empower individuals aged 55  and above to thrive in every aspect of life.

Say goodbye to age-related decline and hello to a renewed, more vibrant you. Forget the limitations; unlock your potential and your vibrancy with:

  • Gentle, yet effective mat-based yoga: Specially adapted for mature bodies, our classes provide a safe and supportive environment to build strength, improve balance, and enhance flexibility.
  • Move at your own pace: No need to rush. We celebrate individual journeys, allowing you to listen to your body and embrace modifications that suit your unique needs.
  • Expert guidance, every step of the way: Our experienced and certified instructors are passionate about empowering individuals. They’ll patiently guide you through each pose, ensuring your safety and comfort.
  • Build a supportive community: Find camaraderie and connect with like-minded individuals on a similar path. Share experiences, laughter, and encouragement in a warm and welcoming environment.
  • Invest in your long-term well-being: Yoga for Active Aging is more than just exercise; it’s a holistic approach to healthy aging. Reduce pain, improve sleep, boost energy levels, and feel the joy of moving with newfound confidence.


15 Health Benefits of Yoga For Aging Adults

1. Osteoporosis and Osteopenia

2. Arthritis

3. Spinal stenosis

4. Disc issues

5. Core strength and back pain

6. Nerve pain and neuropathy

7. Ligament tears

8. Tendonitis and tendonopathy

9. Myofascial tightening and stiffness

10. Hormonal changes

11. Blood pressure

and more…

For the full article please visit Yoga Journal 

Don’t let age define you. Reclaim your strength, rediscover your balance, and radiate youthful vitality with Yoga for Active Aging.

Limited spots are available.
Register today and experience the transformative power of yoga.


“The instructor is very knowledgeable and completely explains and demonstrates every move and pose. It is my intention to continue my yoga practice with Breathe after I finish these Active Aging classes.” – Ingrid


*NB – This is not a chair yoga class, it does require that participants can safely get up and down onto a yoga mat.


Upcoming 4 Week Sessions:

Wednesdays 10:15am - 11:15am

$125+ HST for 4 weeks

Seniors over 65 years receive 15% discount with promo code SENIORS15 at checkout

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