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The Real Reason Why We do Yoga Teacher Training at Breathe


“During this teacher training I was going through a tough transition in my life and I then had to deal with some difficult personal issues halfway through the programme. Not only did the programme give me tools and space to focus on myself and to heal but it also gave me a hugely supportive, caring and wise group of peers and teachers who helped me to cope and to learn more about myself and become stronger and comfortable with myself. I was able to be vulnerable and share in the space that Breathe gave me and this made a very big impact on my wellbeing.” 

– Breathe Yoga Certification Graduate 


Breathe Believes You Can be Anything You Want To Be.

Over the 10+ years so that Breathe has offered Yoga Certification programs, our Founder Svitlana has seen literally hundreds of students pass through the program. And what stands out the most to her after seeing all these students walk through the doors?

As a business owner, when she started the training program Svitlana thought that her biggest wish would be to see graduates who went on to become yoga teacher superstars – dynamic personalities with super advanced enviable practices ( the Instagram – wrap your leg around your head in a handstand types) that would fill up classes at Breathe

But as the years went by something more meaningful emerged.

What actually transpired year after year was change and newfound courage to make profound changes in unhealthy lifestyle habits, relationships, jobs, anything that was no longer serving a student.

About a month into the program Svitlana would start seeing a lot of emotion – some cried, others were asking a lot of deep questions like, “Why am I so unhappy?” ” Why do I feel so much happier after I’ve been practising?” “Why do I love this so much?”  even realizations like, “I want to leave my job.” “I need to leave my job.” “This relationship is making me unhappy.”  “I need to leave this toxic relationship.” 

And on the other end of the spectrum “I am truly happy doing what I am doing.” “My partner makes me happy.” “I am so grateful to have kids, a partner and friends who love me – I need to start appreciating them more.”

Essentially Svitlana started noticing that the biggest and the most important thing that was happening was TRANSFORMATION. Students of the program, through spending time on their Yoga Mat were beginning to embrace their fears, the root cause of unhappiness. Or happiness. And work towards change for the better. For the healthier.  Almost all would leave the program with a deeper sense of gratitude for the journey and for the blessings they have in life

Today would she take the super star teacher graduate who could fill Studio Classes ? Sure. But knowing what  the Breathe program is really about is enabling its participants to undergo positive change in their lives is way, way more gratifying. She’ll take that any day.



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