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Sonia offers a treatment that is a combination of Craniosacral Therapy and Reiki, and brings with it a lifetime of both professional and personal studies and research in meditation, yoga, Feldenkrais, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, focusing, dreamwork, creative visualization, quantum medicine, energy healing and Shamanic healing.

For Sonia, giving a craniosacral treatment to a patient is some of the most beautiful and rewarding work she has ever done. She creates an environment of trust which opens the field for remarkable treatment outcomes.  She never imposes healing on the patient.  The patient releases what they are ready and willing to let go of.

Healing is never a straight or predictable road. Our minds are not yet able to fully understand what takes place in this healing field, and our belief systems can even interfere, which is why trust in the therapist is so important. Trust that even if we can’t consciously follow or understand what is taking place, it is nevertheless real and valid. A lot of the tools Sonia uses to do this work are intuition and inner sensing based, things that are not particularly valued or researched in our society. She herself had difficulty understanding and accepting the quantum approach to healing because of the Cartesian approach to health care that is still dominant in our culture, despite all the advances we have made in the fields of quantum science, in particular with regard to pain management.

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