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I grew up in a family where spirituality, mysticism and creativity were a priority, and I was taught to meditate at a young age. I studied wholistic psychotherapy, yoga and completed my first Reiki courses in my late teens and early 20s. It was through becoming a professional yoga instructor in my 30s that my love for healing came to the forefront again, and I continued my studies in Reiki, adding on craniosacral therapy and other modalities and techniques.

In my work i draw not only from my studies, but also from my life experiences of having 4 children and my own personal healing journey. I am very grateful to be able to offer healing work not only in restorative yoga classes, but also in private sessions that are custom tailored to the needs of the client, ranging from psychological, emotional, spiritual to physical healing. See my yoga teaching schedule or book a Craniosacral therapy Session with me here .


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