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Karen was set on a path of wellness from a young age. Her journey started on the stage, as a professional contemporary dancer and producer, eventually leading her to the corporate world producing events. During this time she began healing her body from old dance injuries with yoga.

The magic of the practice soon took over in ways she didn’t expect and she found herself coming back to her yoga mat to seek balance mentally and emotionally, in addition to the many positive physical affects.  By applying the tools learned on the mat, she was able to undo old patterns and develop new pathways for her mind-body to connect and overcome stress, anxiety and overwhelm.  This deeper awareness eventually lead Karen to pursue further studies in the holistic modalities to learn the in-depth philosophies and practices of Yoga and Ayurveda and how how to apply them to support others affected by stress.

Karen is a graduate of the Breathe Yoga + Wellness Teacher Training Program. 

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