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Registered Massage Therapist


Helen Rose believes that the most effective work is done slowly. Soft tissue has personality and needs time to accept and respond to manipulation. Her intention for each massage therapy treatment is to provide a balanced approach — alternating between intense, focused work on specific sources of discomfort and general rhythmic techniques designed to distract, confuse and soothe the nervous system — encouraging muscles, connective tissues, and the mind to relax and release held tensions. Her style would be well suited to those who prefer a firmer therapeutic touch. Helen’s default pressure is strong, so expect your tissue to be challenged! Helen completed her training at Sutherland-Chan in 2010 and is continuously motivated by the opportunity to affect a positive change and contribute to the wellbeing of her clients. She is excited to be bringing her practice to Breathe Yoga Studio and looks forward to the opportunity to be of service to the students and staff in the community, promoting wellness through massage therapy.

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