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    An in depth intro to the fundamentals of yoga broken down over a period of 4 weeks.  Participants will work with a Senior yoga instructor who will teach them proper alignment and breathing techniques that will enable them to practice yoga on their own, or feel comfortable joining a public yoga class.


    Constant e-mails, texts, social media, work pressures and family obligations make staying present in  this age of distraction an overwhelming feat. 

    • This seminar will help you identify what is causing overwhelm in your life and explore ways to respond  in clear and effective ways. 
    • We will also uncover the hidden challenges and root causes that could be contributing to overwhelm.  
    • Participants will leave the session with a roadmap for overcoming overwhelm and clarity on small  action steps to begin the process. 
    • The seminar will also provide simple, practical tools and strategies to help regain a sense of balance,  ease and wellbeing in the midst of challenging and overwhelming circumstances.


    Change is a natural part of life, and ironically the only constant. Despite this reality, change and  transitions are difficult to navigate. 

    • All change is accompanied by concerns, fears, and questions: How do I know if making this change will make me happy? Is it meaningful? How do I stay balanced in the face of uncertainty? How do I know if I’m making the right decisions? How can I stay true to myself during this transition?  
    • This workshop will introduce tools, practices, and principles that can help you answer these questions as you assess the primary areas of importance in your life, determine whether change is needed, develop options, clarify what conflicts are at play, and begin to identify your priorities and tasks.  
    • The workshop will specifically focus on looking within versus dwelling on external circumstances. The goal is to offer tools and mindfulness techniques that will help participants build skill sets that will empower them to navigate their changes and transitions more skillfully.  
    • This ultimately brings about improved well-being, life balance, and sustainability all of which are essential for effective leadership in one’s profession and personal life.


    This course will provide an overview of why mindfulness matters to leaders, as well as an in-depth,  practical application of mindfulness techniques to reduce stress, increase clarity and efficiency,  improve communication, and establish a clear sense of purpose and wellbeing. Items discussed will include:

    • What is Mindfulness and Why does it Matter? 
    • The Power of Breathing 
    • Strengthening your Attention Muscles  
    • The Fallacy of “Multi-Tasking”
    • What can ONLY you do?
    • Self-Compassion – The Foundation for Mindful Leadership 


  • Yoga for Mental Health
  • Mindfulness and Movement for Emotional Resilience

Corporate Yoga

Please contact Ed Van Hooydonk, Director of Corporate  or tel (647) 527.3384 or to discuss your company’s wellness objectives and we will customise classes or workshops to suit your employees’ needs, priced accordingly.

And read Ed’s personal journey into yoga and how it transformed his personal and professional career here

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