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Iyengar + Wall Classes

This traditional style of yoga was developed by BKS Iyengar in Pune, India. Yoga poses are held for longer periods and each pose is presented with great attention to alignment. This very methodical approach to yoga allows time and space for deep exploration in each student’s body (including those injured) and reduces the risk of injury.

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Students will be given detailed instruction in the foundations of basic standing, seated, twisting, back bending and inverted poses. Backbending and inversions with methodical instruction will also be introduced.

Off the Wall Yoga I

Off the Wall Yoga I utilizes the Iyengar wall to help with deepening yoga poses, strengthening and assisting in alignment. Students will also learn to hang off the wall and suspend in the air (safely of course!), thereby lengthening and releasing the spine and reversing blood flow to the brain.




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