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Special 2 Hour Yin Yoga with Live Music


Enjoy 2 Hours of therapeutic stretch and relaxation techniques with Suz Lill and deeply meditative live music with musician and Yogi Chris Gartner.

Relax and Stretch Deeply in this 2 Hour Yin Class with Live Music


Join Suz Lill, senior Yoga Teacher and Chris Gartner, musician and yogi for this deeply relaxing experience.

Suz guides you to the yin side of yoga…therapeutic stretch with relaxation techniques.  Poses are designed to minimize effort, and maximize a state of ease and perception.  Many props are used to make poses feel supported and accessible.  Fewer poses of longer duration provide time for your senses to explore simply being part of the present moment.

Chris creates lush ambient soundscapes that gently surround the listener, leading one into a meditative state of spacious awareness. Chris is a Toronto based musician, composer and producer.  He has produced JUNO nominated albums and has recorded with keyboardist Garth Hudson (The BAND), Loreena McKinnitt, and GRAMMY winning Cellist David Darling among others.


YOUTUBE CLIP OF CHRIS playing bowed electric upright bass


A towel is mandatory for this class to cover your bolster.  Please bring one or rent one from front desk.



Saturday April 28 4:45-6:45pm

Register Early To Avoid Disappointment.

Special 2 Hour Yin to Live Music
Sat Apr 28 4:45-6:45pm
$50 + HST Register Here

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