Loving Touch: Couples Thai Yoga Massage

Touch is our first primal sense and it comes straight from the heart. Our world is shaped for life by those first days and months when we touch our mother’s skin and are touched by the people we love.

When we connect with our partners with loving touch the level of communication, sharing and unity is beyond words, time and space.

Through Thai massage, this workshop will be an amazing Valentine’s gift that can deepen the bonds with your partner and give you an incredible gift that keeps on giving as you help relieve tension, promote relaxation and explore the power of kindness and compassion through healing touch.  

Together with your partner you will learn and share:

  • A 20-minute Thai massage targeting the neck, shoulders, back and legs
  • How to use intentional touch and awareness to create a mutually enriching experience;

Taught by George Justus: George is a senior teacher for Still Light Centre. He discovered Thai Massage in 2011 after 20 years of studying T’ai Chi, Yoga and Meditation and very quickly fell in love with it, deciding to set himself on track not only to practice the art but to teach it as well. Coming from a background of professional teaching and disabled care, he feels that Thai Massage is not only about the nicest thing you can do for another person, but becoming a practitioner is also one of the nicest things you can do for yourself, providing a grounding in peace and harmony through deliberate, meditative action. George is excited to promoting this ancient and gentle practice to both professional and household practitioners seeking to enhance the happiness and health in their worlds.

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Feb 14
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