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End of Month 2 Hour Restorative


The 2-Hour Restorative Yoga and Massage class will include the use of aromatherapy to deepen the calming and meditative effects of the therapeutic practice.

 Relax and Unwind in Breathe’s Signature 2 Hour Restorative Class


Join Margot, and her assistant for  a deeply soothing and meditative, relaxing,  releasing experience that will get you balanced and feeling your best.

According to Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, we are in the Vata season where the elements of air and space are amplified.  This can create imbalances in mind and body, such as increased anxiety, worry, overthinking, constipation, gas, and physical pain.

A vata reducing aromatherapy blend will be diffused in the studio during this relaxing and unwinding restorative class.


A towel is mandatory for this class to cover your bolster.  Please bring one or rent one from front desk.



Upcoming Restorative Session

All classes are the last Friday of each month

End of Month Friday Restorative $45 + HST Register Here
MOTHER'S DAY 2 Hour Restorative
Sunday May 13 @ 1:30-3:30pm
$45 + Hst per person Register Here

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