A 4 WEEK INTRO with Morgan Cowie

Do you feel a pull to explore formal meditation but get bored, uncomfortable, confused, anxious or sleepy when you try it – or even think about trying it?


In this four-week course, we will explore different approaches to deepening mindfulness which can be defined as our ability to connect to our inner and outer experience of what is actually happening in moment to moment experience.


“I LOVED Morgan’s Mindfulness Meditation workshop! I’ve had experience with different Mindfulness workshops, books and self-practice, but going through it with Morgan and systematically learning practices that build on each other opened it up to me in a whole new way. She has an incredible energy about her that makes you eager to hear what she has to say, and has a unique way of making this practice accessible to anyone who is interested in incorporating mindfulness into their life. I would take it over and over again just to hear what she has to say!”


Committing to a regular meditation practice has been shown to help relieve anxiety, promote a sense of well-being and enhance our relationships and positive connection to the world. Meditation is for you and will enhance and deepen all the other benefits yoga has to offer. Suitable for those new to or wanting to restart meditation, this course will provide a solid foundation to establish a regular home practice.


Continue the Work

Building on the foundation created in Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation, we’ll delve into a more nuanced approach of practicing awareness in a compassionate way and opening up to our moment-to-moment experience. By nurturing insight into the present, we cultivate self-awareness and understanding. We can begin to soften our dependence on ruts we’ve built over time that limit connection and the potential for skillful action. Ultimately, this practice leads to a greater sense of calm, resilience and opening up to receive all of the goodness around us.

In this course, we’ll work on mindful eating, metta (lovingkindness) as well as the history and philosophy of mindfulness (and how it relates to the lived experience). We will also explore more of the neuroscience behind why and how these practices work. As with the introductory course, each week you’ll receive a written meditation guide as well as a recorded version to aid with home practice. This course is suitable for those who have taken the Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation course.


I attended Morgan’s Mindfulness Meditation workshop recently and would highly recommend it to everyone, both beginner or experienced practitioners. Morgan has a strong background in meditation which gives her an amazing ability to teach, explain and guide you through different ways to meditate. As a teacher, she is very compassionate, accessible and open.  Morgan provides daily meditation homework supported by handouts and emailed recordings guiding us through meditation at home.  After completing Morgan’s workshop, I had the tools and the motivation to continue a dedicated meditation practice on my own. 


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Morgan Cowie has been teaching yoga since 2010 and is a graduate of Octopus Garden Yoga Centre. Morgan’s view is that yoga offers an invitation to explore, experience, and heal relationships with ourselves and with each other. Her classes are rooted in the joy of movement and in the mindful awareness of breath and alignment. She is passionate about bringing yoga to all people, everywhere.



WEDNESDAYS 7:30-8:45pm
4 weeks starting May 3-24
 $110+hst  Register Now
NEW! Mindfulness Meditation 2!
(pre-requisite Mindfulness Meditation 1)
WEDNESDAYS 7:30-8:45pm
4 weeks starting June 7-28
 $110+hst  Register Now