with Christine on Saturday April 22



WITH A SIMPLE ANATOMY LESSON, isometric exercises, and attention to alignment in standing poses, you can undo chronic pain in your knees.

THE KNEE is one of the largest and most complex joints in the body, providing us with endless support inall our daily activities. When healthy, we take them for granted and when injured, they become a source of frustration.

YOGA OFFERS the opportunity to strengthen this vital joint so that it remains healthy, fully functional and pain free. However, yoga can also aggravate knee issues if attention to alignment and correct muscle engagement is not performed.


As a ‘yoga therapy for knees’ workshop, we will cover:

 Anatomy of the knee joint

 Causes of the most common types of knee problems

 Exercises to strengthen the muscles that support the knee

 How to recognize your limits in poses in order to keep the knee safe

 Review yoga poses where the knee may be at risk and how to move into and out of these poses safely

 A yoga practice centred on knee alignment, safety and strengthening

Students of all levels are welcome to attend this workshop.

FOR YOGA TEACHERS:  You will learn helpful techniques to pass on to your students, including learning to assess reasons for your students’ knee issues and assist them in correcting misalignment in yoga practice that can lead to knee pain.


4:15-6:15 pm
 $45 +hst Register Now