Intro To Mysore

MYSORE: An Introduction

Learn to become stronger and more flexible in both body and mind.


MYSORE is a progressive style of yoga that links breath with movement and consists of a series of postures that are practised in the same order in each class.

The benefit of practising the same sequence repeatedly is that the body becomes very strong, more flexible and has greater mobility, enabling the student to greatly advance – often to a level that surprises us. Once we  become familiar with the sequence, the practice becomes deeply meditative as the focus moves from attaining the posture onto the breath with a clear, open and strong mind.

In Mysore classes, students practice a set sequence of yoga postures and move through the series in their own time, in their own breath. Students are guided through the series with one on one instruction and individual feedback, and eventually learn to practice according to their own particular body’s needs.

For most students,  Mysore becomes a deeply gratifying disciplined daily practice.

THIS 4 WEEK INTRODUCTION will introduce the student to the Ashtanga Mysore method of practising and will prepare the student to attend regular drop in Mysore and Ashtanga classes. Students of all levels of yoga are welcome and encouraged to attend.



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Upcoming 4 Week Introduction to Ashtanga + Mysore Yoga

Saturdays 2:30-4pm
Oct 14-Nov 4
$125+HST Register Here

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