on Saturday MAY 13


A unique workshop to prepare and benefit both you and your birthing partner.

This birth partner workshop will be a practical and lighthearted opportunity for you and your partner to prepare for labour and birth. Insightful and informative, the workshop will leave you feeling positive and confident about all you can do to prepare for labour and birth.



We will focus on tried and true techniques to build confidence and demystify the process of birth, making this perfect for first-time parents or as excellent refresher.

Pregnancy is a transitional time for women and men, and a great opportunity to step into being a solid, loving team. In a relaxed and supportive environment, your partner will learn ways to be more involved and supportive throughout the labour process.

Among other things, we will cover techniques in:

  • breathing
  • toning / sounding
  • gentle yoga postures that are beneficial and partner-assisted yoga postures
  • movements and positions for labour and birth
  • self-care
  • relaxing & supportive massage
  • review the various stages of labour & how to effectively support

Join us at any stage of your pregnancy.   There are no previous yoga practice requirements, all are welcome. This workshop can be utilized as a childbirth education class or in conjunction with a class you may already be enrolled in.   Being informed and prepared for labour and birth is empowering for both you and your partner!

This workshop will be taught by Danielle Denwood, Certified Professional Midwife and Senior PreNatal Yoga Instructor. Danielle has been attending births as a midwife and doula for approximately 15 years, and has a deep love for what she does. Bridging her substantial midwifery experience and yoga training, Danielle looks forward to sharing her knowledge about supporting women through the labour and birth process.

Partner Birthing Workshop
Saturday May 13, 4:15-7:15pm
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