PRE NATAL YOGA – A 20 Hr Teacher Training
with Senior Teacher & Midwife Danielle Denwood

Friday July 7 – Sunday July 9


Pre-natal Yoga gives women time deepen their connection to their own bodies, finding more comfort while they experience the rapid and unfamiliar changes of pregnancy. They then learn to trust the body’s innate wisdom for birth.  It is a wonderful space to create as teachers, and having the knowledge and skills to teach a prenatal class is hugely empowering and rewarding.

This in depth course taught by Danielle Denwood, Certified Professional Midwife and Senior PreNatal Yoga Instructor, will prepare you to confidently guide pregnant women through yoga classes and provide support to women in with  their formative stages of pregnancy.  For many women, the physical and emotional support received in PreNatal classes is instrumental in helping them through a healthy and vibrant pregnancy.

PreNatal yoga instructors are highly sought after by yoga studios and continue to be in short supply.    This Certification will allow you to lead a full PreNatal class and also assist pregnant women who are attending your regular yoga classes.

“I felt the practical practice and conversations and information will really aid me in moving forward to teach prenatal classes and also accommodate pregnant women that attend my regular classes
“I learned a lot about pregnancy, opening a door of growth and body awareness. As a yoga teacher, greater confidence in teaching pregnant women”

Winter 2017 Course Enrolees


Anatomy and Physiology  Relating to Pregnancy

Human anatomy and physiology relating to considerations during pregnancy. An overview of what is normal anatomy and physiology during pregnancy, how organs function during pregnancy, overview of the complications, including miscarriage, premature labor, hypertension, preeclampsia and body mechanics. Pelvic floor health will also be discussed.

Childbirth/Pregnancy Education

Understanding normal pregnancy and birth, and an overview of the stages of labor. We will discuss the yoga teacher’s relationship with health care professionals.IMG_0030_2 Knowing when to suggest that the student consult a health care professional regarding pregnancy issues.

Prenatal Yoga Education

Including contraindications, modifications, adjustments, and design of lesson plans for the beginning and/or advanced student during each trimester.  We will discuss breathwork/pranayam and meditation.

Practice teaching time

Students will have an opportunity to practice teach to their and receive feedback.

Birth video/discussion

Students will be shown a video of a live birth and a discussion and Q&A will follow



Friday July 7 – Sunday July 9

Friday July 7          5:00-9pm
Saturday July 8     9:00am-6pm
Sunday July 9       9:00am – 5 pm


$425 (A Certificate of Completion will be issued for those whom complete all hours and the assignment).




Danielle is an inspirational woman and teacher so full of wisdom, knowledge and compassion. I feel so grateful to have been her student.”

bioDANIELLE DENWOOD has been studying and practising various forms of yoga for the past 15 years. She received her Interdisciplinary Yoga Teacher Training in 2001 at the Omega Institute forHolistic Studies.  Inspired to continue her yoga training, Danielle studied Prenatal Yoga, the Khalsa Way with Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa and in 2003 received her certification.  Having completed her teacher trainings, Danielle became part of the seasonal teaching staff at the Omega Institute for 5 years, teaching daily yoga classes, dance/movement classes, and life skills trainings.  Danielle has been teaching prenatal yoga classes at Breathe Yoga Studio, Yoga Mamas, birth centres and naturopathic clinics.

Danielle is a Certified Professional Midwife, registered with the North American Registry of Midwives. Danielle has been attending births as a midwife and doula for approximately 15 years, and has a deep love for what she does.  Bridging her substantial midwifery experience and yoga training, Danielle is uniquely qualified to conduct this PreNatal Yoga training.  Students of this training  can expect to complete it with inspired confidence and a shared passion for teaching PreNatal Yoga.


PreNatal Yoga Teacher Training
July 7-9
$375 +hst   BEFORE MAY 15
$425+ hst   AFTER MAY 15
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