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A Summary of Breathe Yoga’s Program

DEEPEN your Yoga Practice:
The program is based on our belief that effective teaching skills start on the mat with one’s personal yoga practice. In Breathe’s program you will receive a tailored personal practice program that meets your individual needs and practice goals.  The personalised practice program will take into consideration your past yoga experience and your current practice level (ie beginner to advanced).

REGULAR Yoga Practice:
Experience tells us that the best yoga teachers are committed to a regular yoga practice. The discipline of a daily practice forms the foundation for uniting the mind, body and spirit

OVERCOMING Challenges:
Dealing with and overcoming challenges on the mat prepares us for overcoming challenges in our daily lives

CORE subjects:
The core subjects of asana, philosophy and anatomy are complemented by a range of additional topics designed to pique interest for further study.

LEARN From The Best:
A commendable teaching faculty, experts in their field, passionate and eager to share their love of yoga




  • LOVE Yoga: The most important ingredient for success is having a love of yoga accompanied by a curiosity or calling to learn more.

  • PERSONAL Reasons: The reasons for pursuing training are as individual as we are. Often it’s an inner motive difficult to explain however during the course of study and self reflection the reason becomes apparent.

  • DEEPEN Physical Practice : Those that have practiced yoga for several years can feel stuck and plateaued. Through regular personal practice, you will hone skills in executing the more common poses with greater alignment and balanced precision. At the same time, you will find your personal edge to delve into poses thought to be inaccessible.

  • DESIRE To Teach: Is teaching yoga a calling? Learn the foundational skills needed and enhanced with solid teaching skills components as well as learning to market yourself for work.

  • ADAPTABLE Schedule: Program is designed to accommodate personal schedules with a series of Sunday workshops, a flexible range of practice times for personal practice and a hearty self study component for readings and written assignments.

"Breathe's Teacher Training program provides an extensive training experience that has deepened my passion for the practice and encouraged me to share that knowledge as a teacher.  Over the course of the program the faculty continued to inspire and challenge, motivating trainees to reach for their highest potentials. Sharing the experience with fellow practitioners in a group setting was rewarding, amazing connections and friendships were made.."           Alaina, 2016 Graduate
Have questions about the program and your suitability for it before you apply?   Call us for a one on one Info Session or come to our next public Info Session on Sunday Nov 20  at Noon.  Please RSVP to  ONE WEEK UNLIMITED PASS: Ask about a week pass to try out classes and explore the high quality, authentic yoga taught at Breathe Yoga. Only $25 which is applied to your program tuition if you apply. Ready to apply? Download the Application Form Here call us at (416) 926.9642 to book a personal appointment or to come to our next Info Session.
"I'm really pleased to have taken this program. It was extremely challenging but also rewarding. I felt that there was a lot of thought that was put into program. While there was a ton of information to cover, the instructors taught us at the appropriate level and in ways that were engaging.As a prospective yoga teacher, I'm glad to have been exposed to all the other subjects - yoga philosophy, anatomy, controlled breathing, ayureda, etc - that other programs may not offer and I likely would not have undertaken on my own. " Nadia, 2016 Graduate




The Breathe Yoga Teacher Training Program draws on the rich tradition of Vinyasa yoga for its comprehensive and logical series of postures (asanas).

Inspired by the alignment and precision elements of Iyengar yoga, the Breathe program places a strong emphasis on the structure of each yoga posture to enable students to comprehend each posture at its root level.

Combined, the study of these rich yoga traditions and a disciplined yoga practice enables us to gain a deep insight into asana and the body, thereby providing the aspiring teacher with the tools to structure a logical, safe and flowing sequence of postures for his/her classes.

Ultimately however, our own bodies serve as our wisest teachers. At Breathe we therefore place a strong emphasis on trainees developing a strong, disciplined yoga practice.

While trainees are not expected to have highly advanced practices upon entering the program, committing to growing your own yoga practice is an essential component. Regular attendance in class is therefore mandatory.

The program allowed me to internalize and physically understand the basics of sequencing and why poses are sequenced in a particular order. " 2015 Graduate


  • SEQUENCING: You will learn fundamental asanas (poses) to enable you to skillfully sequence vinyasa classes.

  • PRANAYAMA: learn to listen and use the breath to remain focused and still. Additional pranayama techniques will also be explored.

  • MEDITATION: learn to still the fluctuations of the mind both by exploring meditation techniques and applying through physical movement.


  • ASANA DECONSTRUCTION: Through detailed asana deconstruction, you will understand key alignment principles for foundational poses.

  • MODIFY POSES: How to modify poses using props to suit individual student requirements. Introduction to when and how to use hands-on adjustments.

  • SAFETY: Understand various risk factors that can lead to injury and how to practice and teach others to avoid the major dangers.

  • ANATOMY: Learn the musculoskeletal system as a basis for asana alignment and to understand the internal therapeutic effects of yoga. Anatomy is explored through an application of clinical experience in assessing bodies and treating injuries. Explore the subtle and energetic body to begin the journey of understanding the whole.

  • HISTORY, PHILOSOPHY, ETHICS: understand the philosophy and history of this ancient practice, explore the 8 limbs of yoga and the yoga sutras as a pathway to understanding yoga as means of personal transformation.

"So much of the learning process is gained through self practice and awareness. The application and effects of the knowledge gained and physical development from the program needs time to deepen, be absorbed and experienced through our own bodies and practice on and off the mat. The 6 month program is beneficial because it allows the time for this growth and transition to occur." 2013 Graduate
"I started applying for yoga instructor jobs even during the last week of training to prepare myself for the realities of the market. I was pleasantly surprised at how well my resume was received, and was met with several interview offers and even managed to secure a regular class in a gym! The confidence I gained through this program is the biggest reward for me." 2015 Graduate
"We were always taught to teach what we know.  Without the self practice we would have less to pull from for teaching.  The ashtanga sequence in general is a great tool to use for practice teaching.  I have already noticed this during my practice and teaching on friends and family" 2015 Graduate





  • Yoga postures and logical sequencing in a vinyasa styleDSC_1022

  • Posture alignment principles

  • Learning to modify postures for students at different levels and those with injuries

  • Safe assisting techniques to enable students to go deeper in a pose

  • Proper breathing (pranayama) techniques

  • Meditation

  • Pre-Natal Basics - how to modify for pregnancy

  • Basic sanskrit names of poses

  • Observe senior teachers in live classes for technique and student response

  • Assist teachers in live classes by providing hands on adjustments to students

  • Practice teaching with feedback and assessment by faculty teachers

"PROGRAM DIRECTOR Christine is an amazing teacher. I feel privileged to be taught by her. Her knowledge is overwhelming and her delivery of content is easy to follow, fun and engaging. The asana section in the binder was very helpful and well laid out. I was so engaged in Christine’s lectures that I was conflicted about taking notes for fear of missing key content!" 2015 Graduate


    • Functional anatomy and the anatomy of poses

    • Chakras

"I feel so much more confident teaching yoga because I have the khowledge of how each pose should be aligned in the anatomical sense.  I am also more confident in giving effective verbal cues instead of relying purely on demonstrations" 2015 Graduate


  • images SELFHistorical roots of yoga

  • Yamas and niyamas

  • Yoga ethics and etiquette of teaching

  • Modern Yoga

"THE PHILOSOPHY COMPONENT was one of the most fulfilling parts of the program for me. Really excellent. Scott is a great story teller. His depth of knowledge is impressive and his delivery is engaging. Philosophy is such an important part of this YTT program." 2015 Graduate


  • Effective ways to gain teaching experience

  • The importance of specialising

  • Learning to market and start your own classes

  • Applying for work as an instructor

  • Teacher insurance

" I BELIEVE that the business component in this training is unique and highly valuable and critical piece for anyone who wants to start teaching. The competitive analysis and marketing strategy sessions offered excellent, realistic and practical insights into positioning ourselves in the yoga marketplace." 2014 Graduate

FACULTY Bios of Senior Teaching Staff


  • Students are expected to attend a minimum of 4 classes per week: one mysore, one full Ashtanga primary series class and 2 classes of your choice. Please check our schedule

" THE EXTENSIVE personal practice component helped me to evaluate what I feel is important to me in my yoga practice and the regular personal practice led me to develop an understanding of how important daily practice is. Prior to the program I wasn’t really able to have any kind of a home practice but now it is an essential part of my day!" 2014 Graduate


“The overall experience has been life changing.  I have come away  with my personal practice being transformed,, and I imagine it will continue to evolve.  I have also come away with a great business idea.  After having done some practice teaching, I feel that my confidence in teaching is getting stronger and I have truly enjoyed teaching.  I believe this program has changed the course of my life and I will be a lifelong student of yoga, and I am eager to share my passion with others”
2015 Graduate


At Breathe, our focus is on providing the highest calibre training available through:



The Breathe Teaching Faculty is amongst the very finest, experienced senior teachers in Canada who, combined have 40 years of teaching experience.


  • The Breathe Training Program Certification program consists of 300 Hours at a price that is comparable to many 200 Hour Programs.    This not only gives you a competitive edge and saves you money but also allows you to achieve your 500 HR certification sooner at a lower price

  • Apply Early and you will receive up to $500 in savings + be eligible to begin logging required hours before the program officially starts in January (See below for details)

  • Breathe Yoga is a recognised as Training Institution by the Federal Government.  Tuition fees are tax deductible and are eligible for student loans



At Breathe we understand that trainees need to balance their yoga studies with life - we therefore offer training days only on Sundays from January - March and make accommodations for students schedules where possible throughout the program.


As we admit a limited number of trainees into the program - all teaching faculty members therefore are able to provide effective personalised feedback and suggestions. Breathe offers on-line assistance to trainees through regular communication and updates.



Applications for the January 2018 Program are being accepted now and early application is highly recommended as DSC_0585Breathe admits a limited number of students into its program.

A $100 non-refundable application fee must be submitted with the application.

Download the APPLICATION now.

OVER $500 in Savings APPLY EARLY  and receive up to $500 in savings with free yoga before the program starts in January.  Students who are accepted into the program may begin attending drop-in yoga classes at Breathe on an unlimited basis as soon as their tuition is paid in full and may begin logging their required personal practice hours (some conditions apply).


Tuition for the Breathe 300+ hr training program is $3700. Upon acceptance into the program, a $500 non-refundable deposit is required with the balance of payment due before the start of the workshops beginning in January.

Payment plans may be considered for applicants with special circumstances -- please ask about our payment plan.

Tax Deductible Tuition

Breathe is pleased to announce that it is one of few yoga studios whose Yoga Teacher Certification Program that has been recognised by the Federal Government as an accredited professional educational program providing students with the skills to enable them to work in a recognised occupation.

This means that those enrolling in the Teacher Training Program may not only have confidence in the high calibre of the program, but also claim their tuition and text books as a tax credit.  Fees are also eligible for student loans at local banks.

Teacher Training Application Fee $100 Register Here 
Teacher Training Tuition $3700 + hst Register Here 



The Breathe Yoga training program has been designed in a phased approach in order to provide the best value possible and optimise student schedules and training time by:

images SELF1) Enabling the initial study of yoga theory and principles on students’ own time before the start of the Training Workshops in January.  This way valuable workshop time is dedicated to principles beyond a beginner level. Once workshops are completed in March, students may choose their observing, assisting and teaching times.

2) Enabling the logging of self-practice hours immediately upon acceptance into the program.  Once your application has been approved (anytime before January), you will be encouraged to begin or continue a regular practice (up to 4 times per week)  and you may begin to log these personal practice hours required for the program. 3) Students who pay their fees in full will receive free unlimited yoga until the start of the program. Some conditions apply.

Students who have completed the Breathe Training program have told us in their exit surveys that these three factors have contributed very positively to their learning experience, allowed them to optimally balance their family, work and training schedules schedules and that the free yoga before the start of the program provided great value for them.


PHASE I - Home Study and Self Practice

Preparation for Training begins immediately upon acceptance into the program and involves self-study of readings.  This is done on your own time. Students also begin a regular practice and log their hours.  Early application is encouraged to enable adequate prep time and to benefit from free yoga until the program starts in January.

PHASE  II- Training WorkshopsDSC_0202a

Jan – March, 2018

This portion of the program involves attendance at the all day workshops, completing homework and attending yoga classes regularly.

PHASE III - Assisting, Observing & Practice Teaching

March-July, 2018

Practice teaching, live class observation and actual in-class teaching assisting hours begin upon completion of the workshop component of the program and will take place from mid-March to June. We endeavour to accommodate trainees’ schedules during this period.

Outline of Hours

All Day Workshops(see Curriculum Section for Topics) 82.5
Personal Practice* 156
Practice Teaching 10
Assisting & Observing 14
Self Study 44+
Total 300+ Hours

* Weekly personal practice hours are mandatory and consist of: one Mysore class and one full primary series class, and two classes of your choice. Students that are new to this style of practice will gradually work towards the full practice.

If you are traveling from out of town, special exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis if it is difficult to meet the practice requirements due to distance.



breathe-wendySUN Jan 21 SAT Jan 27 & SUN Jan 28 SUN Feb 4 SUN Feb 11 SAT Feb 24 & SUN Feb 25 SUN March 4 SUN Mar 11 SAT MAR 24 & SUN Mar 25 SUN JUNE 17  

Attendance at these workshops is mandatory. Special exceptions may apply based on personal circumstances with required written approval in advance. If you are from outside the GTA, please ask to speak to the Director of the Program.

A Typical Workshop Day

8:30-9:30 Practice Teaching Time
9:30-11:30 History & Fundamentals of  Ashtanga Yoga; Breakdown of  Warm Up Poses
11:30-12:30 Lunch
12:30-2:30 Experiential Anatomy for Warm Up Poses
2:30-5:30 Teaching Skills and Fundamentals

UPON COMPLETION: What you can expect

9c091555-e1e8-4d1c-94d5-dbb91bdbacb2 Students completing Breathe’s 300+ hour training can expect to:

  • have a more advanced and disciplined personal yoga practice

  • have foundational knowledge of yoga history, philosophy, anatomy and asana

  • have the skills to teach a basic vinyasa yoga class

  • once all hours and submissions have been completed, be awarded with a 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification



Breathe Yoga Studio is a registered member of the Canadian Yoga Alliance and exceeds their standards for a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification. Students completing Breathe Yoga’s Teacher Training are automatically eligible for CYA membership and its benefits (membership fees apply).


Please feel free to call us at 416.926.9642 with any questions you may have. We welcome personal one-on-one meetings to discuss the program in detail.  Additionally, we can arrange for you to speak with a graduate of our training program to inquire about their experience.



Students will benefit from the teachings and close guidance of senior yoga teachers and industry professionals who together have over 80 years of teaching experience.  In 2016, the faculty was rated a resounding 4.9 out of 5 by our graduating class.

"The Breathe faculty are all clearly well chosen and carefully selected to present their respective topics. There was a wealth of knowledge shared and everyone did so in a way that was engaging, and encouraged further study." 2016 Graduate
I loved the faculty and staff at Breathe. I would recommend the program to anyone I meet interested in a teacher training program and the studio to anyone looking for a school." 2016 Graduate

_H6A0070 copyChristine Felstead, Program Director

Christine has been practicing and studying yoga avidly since 1996.   Driven by her passion for yoga, today Christine is a teacher’s teacher.  Christine uses her past corporate experience to create a training program that is professional in its organization and delivery while constantly seeking continuous improvement.  As a result, the program consistently rates an average 4.7+/5 and through post-graduation mentoring, is responsible for creating many adept and talented yoga instructions. Christine directs the program and also teaches the Asana component of the Program.
Christine is an amazing teacher. I feel privileged to be taught by her. Her knowledge is overwhelming and her delivery of content is easy to follow, fun and engaging... I was so engaged in Christine’s lectures that I was conflicted about taking notes out of fear of missing key content" 2015 Graduate
In 2000, she replaced her running shoes with a yoga mat and switched a successful corporate career in marketing to be a full time yoga instructor.  She pioneered the development of Yoga for Runners and today is the leading authority on the subject. Her program extends globally through her best selling dvds, and the recent release of her book,  Yoga for Runners. Christine is a graduate of Downward Dog and has continued studying with world-class teachers: Mahyar Raz, Richard Freeman, Chuck Miller, Maty Ezraty, Nicki Doane, Eddie Modestini, Hart Lazer, and Kino MacGregor and David Robson.


Scott Petrie Senior Instructor & Author

Inspired by Toronto’s diverse yoga community, he has helped develop greater dialogue between practitioners through roundtable debates, festivals, symposiums, ethics committees, outreach and community service programs. As director of Yoga Community Toronto (a non-profit, volunteer-run, organization designed to facilitate community projects and interactivity), the Yoga Festival Toronto (an annual three-day, non-profit, local conference), and theAcorn Fund (a yoga community fund that offers annual grants to socially-engaged, local, yoga projects that serve the greater community outside of studio culture).  Scott teaches the Yoga Philosophy component of the Program.
"Awesome – made me more aware.  Scott made yoga philosophy accessible and interesting" "These sessions offered a great and stimulating level of enrichment and insight into the history, context, and practice of yoga today, and what this means to us in our own practice. "
In 2010, he co-authored Yoga 2.0 with Matthew Remski, an exploration of the evolution of yoga in modern culture.

_H6A0006Tanya Dei Tigli, Osteopath

Tanya has been practicing in the field of athletic therapy and osteopathy for 11 years.  She has a B.Sc. in Exercise Science from Concordia University, is certified nationally as an Athletic Therapist and has a diploma in Osteopathic Manual Therapy from the Canadian College of Osteopathy in Montreal.  She defended her research thesis in 2011. Tanya has continued her strong interest in the field of orthopedics and sports medicine.  She has worked with recreational to international level athletes through the years. She has participated as a medical team member for the 2010 Four Continents of Figure Skating, the 2009  Junior World Synchronized Skating Championships, the 2008  ISU World Junior Figure Skating Championships, the 2002 & 2005 ISU Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating, Pan American Games for the Deaf Youth (2004) and the Canadian Figure Skating Championships (2002 to present). Tanya teaches the Anatomy component in the Program.
" Great teacher.  Tanya is absolutely an excellent candidate to teach anatomy with her ability to explain such a complex topic both from her clinical and yoga experience analysis."  2015 Graduate

 S1jeannine-02.35170048-std1-150x150Jeannine Woodall, Senior Instructor

Jeannine is an advanced certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher.  She was co-Director of Jivamukti Yoga Toronto and Director of Rainbow Body Yoga in Toronto. Her yoga training includes instruction under Sharon Gannon & David Life, Pattabhi Jois and Richard Freeman. She is a practitioner of Buddhist meditation in the Niyingma Tibetan lineage under the guidance of Lopon Urgyen Rinpoche. Jeannine is Director of Academic Services and Student Life at Rotman Commerce, University of Toronto. After being called to the Bar of Ontario, she worked as legal counsel, writer and researcher, and in various senior management roles at Osgoode Hall Law School. She holds a Masters Degree in Art History from York University and a JD Degree from Osgoode, and leads yoga and meditation retreats around the world.  Jeannine's aim is to share her love of practice and inspire people to be happy and free. Jeannine teaches the Pranayama component of the Teacher Training Program.
"A perfect introduction to techniques and benefits." 2016 Graduate "Jeannie had a lot of information to share and was able to demonstrate and allow for one of us to experience proper pranayam techniques. "2016 Graduate

svit-2Svitlana Owner, Breathe Yoga Studio

Svitlana began her yoga journey in 1999 . Her passion for yoga grew quickly and steadily and dedicated herself fully to yoga by opening Breathe Yoga Studio.  She brings her training at the Shri K. Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore, India, to her Mysore Programme at Breathe Yoga. With over 15 years of yoga business experience, Svitlana teaches the Business of Yoga component in the Teacher Training program, presenting trainees with effective tools for developing yoga class concepts unique to their individual skill sets, and securing yoga teaching positions in the market place.
"Fantastic session! Svitlana's knowledge of the business and marketing necessary for yoga teachers was an important wake up call as to all of the other hats a yoga teacher has to wear." 2016 Graduate

headshot-angie-hilts-smAngela Voice Coach

Find your natural speaking and singing voice in our Vocal Pedagogy intensive course. You will be shown vocal techniques that will help you to master your instrument. You will be guided through breathing and vocal exercises to help ensure that you are speaking and singing with ease and clarity. Learning how to speak and sing properly will help you with projection, staying away from vocal fatigue and  will help you find your true sound to aid with public speaking/singing. Angela Hilts is a Toronto based vocal coach and performer with classical, musical theatre and contemporary vocal training. She has received her Bachelors of Contemporary Music degree at Humber College and has a Certificate in the Performing Arts from Sheridan College. As a seasoned performer and teacher of many styles of music, Angela is a highly sought after private vocal coach. Angela has been practicing Yoga for 10 years, which is reflected in her teaching. Through a variety of vocal techniques, she encourages each student to find their authentic voice. She endeavors to integrate the whole person in the art of communication, to ensure that their true voice is being heard.

photo-on-2016-12-21-at-9-48-amMorgan Cowie

Morgan Cowie committed to a life of teaching and living yoga shortly after the birth of her first son. After years working in Toronto's cultural industries, Morgan found that yoga practice left her feeling more hopeful and inspired than anything else she had ever encountered. She also found that the community of like-minded practitioners connected her to the city in a much deeper and richer way. Morgan teaches both vigorous, flowing practice and restorative, therapeutic work as well as mindfulness meditation. In her view, all of these elements of a practice provide essential pieces of a longterm healing formula. She is currently working on a Foundations of Mindfulness certificate from the University of Toronto.

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