“I have visited many yoga studios in Toronto looking for something that was professional but also had a comfortable, unique environment. Breathe is by far the most beautiful studio I have come across, with a calm atmosphere and plenty of room to stretch out. I like that I can come in for a class after work, take a shower when I am done and leave feeling fresh and ready to go.”

– Patricia Woolfe

“My physiotherapist recommended Breathe Yoga Studios because of their reputation for having the best instructors in Toronto and their flexibility in schedule. My plans are always up in the air so it’s great to know that if I can’t make it in for 5:30 AM class, there will always be something for me to take in the evening that fits my practise.”

– Scott Petersen

 “Hot Yin yoga is my new love. I have always loved Ashtanga and flow, but there is something about the holding poses, combined with gentle heat that really allows for profound relaxation and restoration. I haven’t been able to enjoy other hot yoga classes at other studios until I tried infrared yoga at Breathe.”

-Anna Stoldt

“Your studio is clean and very welcoming to newcomers to the practice. The structured classes provide a supportive and safe environment in which to learn and gain the confidence to attend regular practice.”


“Friendly, warm and welcoming atmosphere. All the teachers are very skilled. Great schedule – it really is very difficult NOT to be able to make a class. Beautiful studio. A wonderful community.”


“Every class I’ve ever taken at Breathe has offered something unique. The teachers are knowledgable and genuinely care about your growth, while the community of students is wonderful and equally supportive. I love practicing here.”


“I LOVE the teachers! The space is beautiful and welcoming. The community is great.”


“Instructors were very helpful and allowed me to stay in my comfort level as a beginners participant with poor flexibility. Haven’t done yoga for over 5 years was injured in a classes by an instructor that pushed me too far into a position. Thanks for a positive experience, this help me get over my misconception that yoga is not for those of my build and flexibility. Can’t wait to continue.”


“I love that it is not a trendy studio and honours yoga as a whole not just asanas.”


“I like the consistency of teacher knowledge. The inviting environment. Love that you have. Shower facilities and early morning classes. The early morning class is the thing I like best because it’s easier to fit it in my schedule”


“I like every instructor I’ve had so far; I always feel welcome at the studio. There’s a palpable feeling of inclusiveness.”


“Staff and teachers are very friendly and knowledgeable, and this creates a very welcoming atmosphere.”


“I like all of the instructors and how they are supportive but push me to achieve new positions.”