Pre-Natal Yoga

I would like to thank you for your amazing classes. I had easy delivery because pre-natal yoga classes helped me once again the 2nd time around. Breathing was so important for me and also everything you prepare us for in the class helped a lot!  ” Lesia

ROM_7053Pre-Natal Yoga classes provide an opportunity for pregnant women to develop greater vitality and awareness of their changing bodies.   Yoga,  breath work, and meditation help to cultivate flexibility, calmness, and confidence in preparation for labor and childbirth.  Yoga can help to ease the birthing process itself, reduce pain and can enhance the joy of giving birth.



Offering Pre and Post Natal yoga for the last 14 years, Breathe’s program covers the foundations of pre-natal yoga including:

  • breathing
  • postures and alignment
  • stretching and relaxation
  • releasing tension and compaction of the spine.

This class is also a wonderful opportunity to connect with other expecting mothers.

You can join in at any stage of your pregnancy and no previous yoga experience is necessary.

“I enjoy the pre natal yoga classes, not all yoga studios offer it. I find the instructors to be knowledgeable and friendly, and I am really enjoying this different yoga experience during this change in my life. I friend recommended Breathe to me, and I will and have mentioned it to others. Keep up the good work!” Maria







Ongoing 6 and 12 week Sessions- $120/$215

12 Classes  (14 weeks to complete) Register Now
6 Classes (7 weeks to complete) Register Now
Drop-In Pass – $24 Register Now

Please note:
-If you are pre-registering, the 6 week classes must be taken within a 7 period;  12 week classes must be taken within 14 weeks
– If you book your spot on-line, 24 hours notice is required to cancel; otherwise you will be charged fully for the class and no credit will be provided.
-Missed classes may not be made up other than for reasons of illness.
– Generally there are no PreNatal classes on the weekends of Holidays.  Check the on-line schedule if you are uncertain

ROM_6966Post-Natal Yoga: Moms ‘n Babies Yoga

You just had a new baby and you can’t bring yourself to be away from it, even for a one single yoga class. With Moms ‘n Babies, you don’t have to. At three weeks, you can bring your new love bug to class and foster your yoga practise while you strengthen your bond with your new bundle of joy.

The focus of these classes will be on toning and restoring strength in the upper body, abdomen and the pelvic floor after child birth.

This is also a great way to find some grounding time to bond with your baby in what is an emotionally charged period for both of your lives.

There is also the added benefit of meeting other mothers in a supportive community environment and fostering your own yoga practice with people who are going through the same developments and changes that you are.

And thanks to the generosity of the Sprott Foundation, Moms have a new baby change table at their disposal in the ladies change room.


PostNatal sessions resume Wednesday September 13, 2017 @ 11am

4 Classes  $80 Register Now
Drop-In Pass – $25 Register Now

Please note:
-If you are pre-registering, the classes must be taken in a 4 week consecutive time period.
-Missed classes may not be made up other than for reasons of illness.