Long, Lean, Strong, Flexible Body.
Calm, Focused, De-Cluttered Mind.


Working one-on-one with a professional yoga instructor can give you all the physical benefits of a trainer in a gym, with the added bonus of training your mind to come to rest.

Personal Yoga Training will help you build strength, flexibility and stamina in all areas of the body, including those you may not even know are weak and stiff but contribute to pre-mature aging and fatigue.

What can you expect from yoga training?  Over a period of time, depending on your goals you’ll be able to, for example

  • lift your own body weight up to 30-40 times within an hour session
  • gain greater flexibility in hard to access areas like your upper spine, mid and lower spine
  • bring your chest closer to your thighs in a forward bend.

Over time, regardless of your age or physical fitness level  you will also learn to take your body in areas  you never imagined possible safely and with ease:  partial or full head stand and hand stands (thereby allowing for beneficial reversal of blood flow).  Really.

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