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Revitalise both body and mind through a 14 day cleanse and 30 day yoga program.


rid your body of toxins

help you shed excess weight

identify any allergies you may have that you may not be aware of

reduce inflammation in your body


enhance the removal of toxins

advance your yoga practice through strengthening your body & improving your flexibility

develop a disciplined yoga routine which will translate into bringing discipline and routine into other elements of your life


bring a feeling of physical lightness and greater clarity of mind

alter the physical shape of your body through weight loss, strengthening and toning

give you an overall sense of vitality and vibrancy

make you look and feel amazing



A Detox Lecture with Dr. James Yoon, licensed Naturopathic Doctor and co-author of “The Clean Life Hack: The Professional’s Detox Guide for better energy, sleep, and living”.

The Lecture: Detox 101
You want to look and feel your best and you’ve heard that doing a detox is a good way to start. So what are some first steps?

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Google “detox” and you’ll see a lot of information that might leave you confused and with a lot more questions than when you first started your research. Well look no further, we’ve got your bases covered.  The detoxification process is really quite simple and is based on good health practices and common sense. Yes, diet plays a big part in restoring your body’s natural detoxification and elimination processes, but there’s so much more to it than that. Once you learn that detoxifying is a cumulative, overall practice that takes into account your environment, your lifestyle, and basically everything you come into contact with on a daily basis, you’ll view your surroundings a whole new light.

MONDAY MAY 1         30 Day Yoga Challenge + 2 Week Cleansing/Detox begins
You will begin your first day of the challenge and continue to attend a class every day until May 31 (so 1 day forgiveness!).  During the first few days of your cleanse as your body withdraws from sugar, caffeine, alcohol a light practice of gentle yoga is recommended as fatigue may set in.  This is normal and part of the cleansing process.

Instructions for 30 Day Challenge
There will be a tracking sheet with your name on it posted on the wall in the reception area.  Once you have completed your class, be sure to check off the day you’ve attended to track your classes.

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Note: Each phase is optional. You may participate only in the Detox Lecture + 2 Week Cleanse without the Yoga Challenge or only in the 30 Day Yoga Challenge without the Cleanse.

dr-yoonDR. YOON

Dr. James Yoon, ND is a licensed naturopathic doctor and co-author of The Clean Life Hack: The professional’s detox guide for better energy, sleep, and living. He currently practices at Infinity Health Centre in Toronto’s South Core District, as well as Lakeside Health Centre in Port Credit, Ontario. Dr. Yoon has a special interest in sports medicine, anti-aging and skin care, mental health conditions such as anxiety, stress, and insomnia, as well as women’s health.  Dr. Yoon uses a combination of traditional therapies and evidence-based medicine to apply a functional approach towards better health. He enjoys teaching his patients just as much as he treats, emphasizing patient education and empowerment to create sustainable and long-term changes to remarkably improve your quality of life.




Detox Lecture +30 Day Yoga Challenge
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